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At Westgate  Drycleaners, we understand quality service and care are important when cleaning your garments. We take care to ensure the best service.

At Westgate Dry Cleaners, every item of clothing that we dry clean or launder is "hand finished," meaning they’re hand-pressed or individually-steamed. The result is a noticeably higher-quality, smooth finish and crisper creases. It takes us longer, but the results are worth it if you want to look your best.




With a full range of Dry Cleaning services & a team of professionals, we achieve the best possible results with each and every article you bring to us.

WESTGATE DRY CLEANERS able to provide a Dry Cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing, whether everyday wear or special garments such as wedding dresses or formal wear.

Hand finished care throughout the process.  WESTGATE DRY CLEANERS to offer quite the finest quality & service in CANTERBURY

ALL items are Dry Cleaned at the PREMISES and can often be available for collection in 24 hours.


We are able to provide a range of alterations and repairs to garments and household items .

Need your trousers shortened? Need your skirt taken in? Or maybe you just need a button sewed on! Our fully qualified Tailors are the best around and will be more than happy to service any repair or alteration request.

 We carry out all sorts of repairs and alterations at competitive prices.

ALL OF these alterations and repairs can be carried out at the branch, thus providing a quick turnaround service.





WESTGATE DRY CLEANER offers a professional cleaning service for all garments, from the one off designer piece to the everyday wear garment. All types of bedding and soft furnishings – duvets, bedspreads, blankets, sheets, tablecloths, rugs etc are also cleaned.
A Same day service is also available .

We specialize in gently but thoroughly caring for all your bedding. From Sheets and Pillowcases, to  Down Comforters and Duvet Covers, we are careful to maintain the integrity of the delicate fabrics and their unique characteristics (i.e. lace trim, embroidery, quilting, scalloped edges, etc.)


Tired of standing at home ironing shirt after shirt, when you could be doing something else with your valuable spare time! 

Your freshly laundered shirts will be returned to you expertly folded (perfect for travel) OR on a Hanger according to your personal preference.
You may choose “no starch” “light starch or “heavy starch,”
according to your personal preference.

Try it once, you will be amazed!


Your dress will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment best benefits your dress. We will then manually remove the stains by hand before cleaning your dress. After cleaning we will re-inspect your dress and decide if anymore treatment is necessary. Only once we are completely satisfied will we press your dress by hand.


Leather and suede are beautiful yet expensive products, so proper care is essential to maintain them.  We therefore recommend annual leather cleaning or whenever a stain occurs.  At WESTGATE DRY CLEANERS, we make sure to extend the enjoyment of your leather and fur garments with our gentle and effective cleaning methods.

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